Adrian Bussone

PHD Student - (HCID) City, University of London

Self-Managing HIV with Technology

Existing tools for the self-management of health are often designed from a clinical perspective. This means that whilst medically appropriate, these tools do not consider the context of use or how they can better support and improve quality of life.

Adrian’s talk will focus on understanding the importance of user needs in healthcare to develop better tools that satisfy the requirements of both stakeholders. In order to illustrate this, she will present her own research on HIV self-management.

About the speaker:

Adrian is a research consultant, information designer, and a [nearly finished] PhD Researcher at City, University of London. With a history of developing and evaluating medical products in industry, she is now researching and designing digital tools to support the self-management of chronic diseases like HIV. Her goal is to identify solutions that help improve lives, drawing inspiration from the users themselves.

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