Alex Taylor

Reader - (HCID) City, University of London

(Other-)worldly stories from the cycle routes of London.

Through this talk, I want to tell a story of promise, a fabulation about London’s bike rental scheme and how it might be used to re-imagine new figurings of human-machine relations. Experimenting with the relational capacities of bicycles, a city, (bio)sensing and the proliferation of data-everywhere, I want to explore the conditions of possibility for other worldings (Haraway 2016). I’ll aim to throw together mixtures of data at all scales, playing with and testing out a thickening and enlivening of relations. Looking for different assemblies of bodies, spaces and times, I’ll be seeking new edges and new planes that might just resist the “agencies of homogenization” (Scott 1998), and that mess about in the unevenness and plurality that makes London vibrant.

Haraway, D.J., 2016. Staying with the trouble: Making kin in the Chthulucene. Duke University Press.

Scott, J.C., 1998. Seeing like a state: How certain schemes to improve the human condition have failed. Yale University Press.

About the speaker:

Alex is a sociologist at the Centre for Human Centred Interaction Design. With a fasciation in the entanglements between social life and machines, his research ranges from empirical studies of technology in everyday life to speculative design interventions. He draws on feminist technoscience to ask questions about the roles human-machine composites play in forms of knowing and being, and how they open up the possibilities for fundamental transformations in society.

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