Álvaro Drake

Lead Software Architect - Akendi

How low can you go?

Akendi believes that value for money in UX projects comes from focusing on efficiency. The prevailing view seems to lean towards slimmer budgets by removing all “superfluous” activities; Research and testing are quite often eliminated or drastically reduced, when in our view they are key to lean UX design.
We prefer to rely on a bulletproof methodology, revolving around our Experience Thinking Process TM, which orchestrates the multidisciplinary efforts required for successful UX, and integrates effectively with the technical development.

About the speaker:

Álvaro is a lead software architect with more than 25 years of experience. After studying Computer Science at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, he has dedicated much of his professional career to develop multimedia software, information systems, interactive kiosks, rich web applications and other similar projects requiring advanced user interfaces. Mixing technical ability, UX expertise and in-depth knowledge about software engineering processes and data modelling allows him to dovetail seamlessly the creative and technical elements of Akendi’s projects.

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