Amir Dotan

Principal Design Consultant - Capco

Bootstrap UX on the trading floor – The default option

Designing enterprise applications within investment banking is often done in a high-pressure work environment with busy end users as part of a complex and volatile delivery program. All these, as well as other considerations, mean that as designers we have to bootstrap ideas, designs and research on a regular basis in order to handle constraints and make the best of a challenging situation. In this talk I’ll share experiences and examples from the trading floor where bootstrapping was less about budget and more about having to make UX work in a tricky environment.

About the speaker:

A former web designer, researcher and lecturer, Amir has been designing digital products for clients in the Financial Services industry since 2010. He enjoys applying a human-centred design approach and introducing empathy, agility and creativity to projects in an industry that often struggles to deliver great experiences. During 7 years at Lab49, Amir worked as a UX consultant with Investment Banks designing data-rich trading platforms. He recently joined Capco, where he now works as a consultant across the Financial Services industry on digital transformation projects. Prior to stumbling into the world of Financial Services, Amir spent a decade in academia as a researcher and UX/Web development lecturer following a stint as a web designer in an agency in the Dot Com days. He holds a BA (Hons.) in Multimedia Arts and an MSc. in Human-Centred Systems.

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