Damian Rees

Founder / Director - Experience UX

8 simple steps to transform good UX, into great UX

I’ve interviewed UX leaders in companies like British Gas, BBC, The Telegraph, Fat Face, and GDS to understand their roles, what drives them, the challenges they face, and what makes a great UX person. This talk is a summary of what I’ve learned. People attending this talk will learn what steps to take to move them from good at UX to great.

About the speaker:

Damian is Founder/Director at Experience UX and his fascination with what makes people behave the way they do when using technology drives his passion for user experience. With a degree in Applied Psychology, followed by 17 years’ experience in UX working for companies like the BBC and National Air Traffic Services means that he is an expert in user research and user centred design. Damian’s goal is to make the world’s online experiences frustration-free by 2020. With two kids under two he spends his rare free time catching up on lost sleep, immersed in his Xbox, or sat in a coffee shop somewhere with headphones on trying to write a that novel he can’t finish.

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