Dr Dave Ranyard

CEO - Dream Reality Interactive

Immersive interaction and AI

The computing medium is changing significantly . We now have immersive ways to engage, VR/AR/XR offer a step change in engagement. and with come new ways to interact, using hands, eyes, speech and more. in addition, the way computation is done is also changing, AI is becoming more and more common. This talk will explore how both these technologies can be used harmoniously to create a truely human user experience.

About the speaker:

Dave is a self-confessed VR pioneer and the CEO of an independent virtual reality studio, Dream Reality Interactive. The studio is based in London, and is currently busy creating original IP, designed from the ground up for VR.

Prior to this, Dave worked for 17 years at Playstation, where was the director of Sony’s London Studio, where he oversaw Sony’s critically acclaimed ventures into the world of virtual reality on PlayStation. VR games include Ocean Descent, Street Luge and the critically acclaimed, London Heist and make up PlayStation VR collection, VR worlds.

Dave was executive producer on a number of million plus selling Playstation titles, including Singstar & wonderbook: book of spells. Prior to this, Dave has been a research fellow, musician, programmer, audio creative services manager. Having, studied at Leeds University, Dave obtained a 1st in computer science and PhD in Artificial Intelligence and keeps active links with a number of universities.

Dave is also an active member of the game development industry, holding positions on the BAFTA Games Committee, the Game Developers Conference, Virtual Reality Developers Conference, and the Virtual Reality World Congress. Dave also sits on the advisory board of a number of new VR companies, including Game Face Labs & the New Reality Museum.

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