Dr Dympna O’Sullivan

Senior Lecturer - (HCID) City, University of London

Designing a smart home self-care system for people with dementia and Parkinson’s Disease

The SCAMPI project will develop a smart home toolkit that will allow someone with a chronic condition, together with their relatives, carers and healthcare professionals, to self-manage their everyday life in order to increase or maintain its quality. Using a web application on a tablet or desktop, users will be able to plan activities to achieve goals associated with their cognitive, physical and social quality of life. Information from smart home sensors along with self-reported data will be fed into the person-centred planning system to monitor how well the individual is managing their activities and goals, and suggest changes or improvements the person can make based on their performance. We will describe the co-design approach we adopted as part of this project to shape this system.

About the speaker:

Dr. Dympna O’Sullivan is a Senior Lecturer in Health Informatics at City, University of London. Dympna’s research is in the area of health informatics, clinical decision support systems and evidence-based medicine. In particular she is interested in managing the large volumes of data generated by today’s digital healthcare environments and in developing intelligent software systems to bridge the gaps between clinician and patient information needs and the computational resources available to meet them. It involves the application of intelligent systems techniques including machine learning, information retrieval and human computer interaction.

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