Filip Healy

Co Founder - Threesixty Reality

Interaction design patterns for mixed reality

UI design standards don’t yet exist for AR and VR, as we are only just beginning to understand what does and doesn’t work. These platforms offer completely new ways to interact with computers and information, bringing in elements of 3D spatial orientation, hand held controllers, gaze, haptics, voice input, gestures and many other elements that are new to UI designers and to end users. Traditional 2D UI design patterns and guidelines only apply to part of the user experience and in some case may not even be applicable. There is a need to first understand what works, and secondly to share good practice, so that we can help designers create better experiences and start to teach users how to interact more competently with these immersive technologies. This talk will focus the work Threesixty is doing to identify and document VR and AR interaction patterns.

About the speaker:

Filip is an experienced User Experience consultant, specialising in evidence based product and service design. He’s been planning, executing and delivering user centred design projects, and in particular user research, for blue chip global companies since 2001. Filip’s passion is understanding how people interact with technology and he strongly believes we can enhance human capabilities and experiences through good design. Filip recently co-founded Threesixty Reality with the goal of bringing a human centred approach to the evolution of mixed reality.Threesixty is user centred design consultancy, specialising in AR and VR, with a goal of understanding how to optimise the the interaction between humans and immersive new technologies.

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