George Proudfoot

Senior Strategist - The App Business

How to create a 5* experience on a backpacker’s budget

Working with big clients means that they expect a 5* experience, but often they only have a backpacker’s budget when it comes to the nitty gritty of UX design, focussing their spend on production and build instead. If the product was a backpacker, it’s our role to make sure they see the same sites, follow the same treks and experience the same sunsets as a high-end traveller staying in a 5* hotel. The backpacker won’t get the free foot massage and chauffeur-driven tour, but their key outcomes of the trip will be the same. We’ll be sharing examples of projects where we reached the desired user outcomes while maintaining confidence in delivering a great product despite a smaller budget.

About the speaker:

After gaining a BSc in Philosophy, Logic, and Scientific Method from the London School of Economics, George began his career in the video games industry at Activision. Subsequently joining brand and innovation consultancy Prophet, he helped to develop and roll out brand, marketing, and innovation work for some of the world’s largest technology, retail and finance brands.

Since joining TAB in 2015, George has quickly shown his abilities as a leader, helping to coach and mentor other members of the team. He is constantly developing and updating our strategic approach for specific industries and clients, while also working to help improve and grow our toolkit of approaches and techniques. George has helped to develop strategic work for financial clients such as ING and Visa, as well as supporting longer-term mobile programmes with Home Retail Group, Met Office, and Unilever.

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