Geraldine Fitzpatrick

Professor - Tu Wien (Vienna University of Technology)

When the UX basics are no longer basic …

What does it mean to think about ‘going back to basics’ when the basics of User Experience (UX) are forever being challenged and expanded with each new technology wave? Richard Pew captures this nicely in the early 2000s, saying “The advent of the internet and the World Wide Web substantially changed the HCI game again, just when its specialists were beginning to think they had a handle on things.” [Pew, 2003, p12] How often could we repeat this phrase, just swapping out internet and WWW with, for example, with other game-changers like mobile devices, smart phones, apps, AR, VR, persuasive technologies, smart cities, smart cars and so on? This ever-expanding set of technologies and application domains requires an ever expanding skill and knowledge set and challenges the very notion of what the basics could be. My response to this is to suggest that the basics are not so much about specific skills and methods but about a set of sensitivities and concerns, and being able to ask the right questions.

About the speaker:

Geraldine Fitzpatrick is Professor of Technology Design and Assessment at TU Wien (Vienna University of Technology) where she leads the Human Computer Interaction Group and the Institute of Design and Assessment of Technology. She was previously Director of the Interact Lab at the Uni of Sussex, User Experience consultant at Sapient London, and Snr Researcher at DSTC/Center for Online Health in Australia. Her research is at the intersection of social and computer sciences, with a particular interest in technology support in everyday contexts for collaboration, health and well-being, community building and active engagement for older people. She sits on various advisory boards, and serves in editorial and program committee/chair roles in various CSCW/HCI/health related venues. She is also an ACM Distinguished Scientist and an ACM Distinguished Speaker.

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