James Box

Director of User Experience - Clearleft

Rules of the Game

I have this side project. I call it my Playbook. It’s a simple idea: When I learn something valuable, I write it down. And, every now and then, I try and make sense of all the lessons I’ve collected. I try and turn each of them into something I can remember for another time. I call it a Move.

Once I have a few Moves I start to see patterns and eventually, the Moves turn into something bigger: I call those Plays. Then the Plays turn into Strategies; Bigger and bigger until I end up with death and taxes.

Actually, the death and taxes bit is a lie. The top of the tree is something I call Rules. They’re a bit like Design Principles. Or, in simpler terms, the things I’ve grown to believe about design.

In this talk, I’ll share my Rules of the Game and find out if they make any sense. Fingers crossed.

About the speaker:

James leads the UX team at strategic design consultancy Clearleft. He joined the company back in 2006 and has helped create digital experiences for all sorts of clients. From large organisations like the BBC and John Lewis, to smaller companies and even a handful of start–ups. In 2010 he co–wrote the book Undercover User Experience Design and these days helps curate two of Europe’s leading design events: UX London and Leading Design.

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