James Reeve

Head of Creative - Foolproof

Uncovering design opportunities in the real world

In a world where we have all become accustomed to designing an optimum user experience, we often forget that we are designing for humans (not users). In this talk I look to demonstrate the importance of understanding true user behaviour to enable us as designers to create meaningful experiences, and to explain why research is important to help define and direct design decisions – not just validate them.

About the speaker:

As Head of Creative I’m responsible for shaping how Foolproof generates and delivers creative ideas. This means I’m always looking to evolve and challenge working methodologies and practices to drive the studio’s creative thinking, idea generation, deliverables and experience design recommendations.

I have worked in digital design for 12 years, both agencies and client side, and have led many digital transformation programmes for a whole bunch of brands across commercial and government. Many of these projects have been recognised with industry awards. During my career I have been lucky enough to work on many exciting projects and have designed interfaces for pretty much all devices/contexts imaginable. This has given me a very broad understanding of what makes a great experience and the importance of validating these interfaces with users. Getting stuck into a juicy client brief or challenge, and knowing that the products I have helped design are being used out in the wild, gives me a kick.

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