Jordan Tewell

PHD Student - City, University of London

A Temperature Display for Conveying Affective Feedback

Previous research has investigated whether temperature can augment a range of media including music, images and video. This seminar will describe the first experiment to investigate whether temperature can augment emotion conveyed by text messages. A challenge in prior work has been ensuring users can discern different thermal signals. An improved technique for thermal feedback that uses an array of three thermal stimulators will be presented. I will demonstrate that the Thermal Array Display (TAD) increases users’ ability to identify temperatures within a narrower range, compared to using a single thermal stimulator. While text messages dominate valence in the absence of context for temperature, the TAD consistently conveys arousal, and can enhance arousal of text messages, especially those that are emotionally neutral. Potential applications of augmenting text with temperature will be discussed.

About the speaker:

Jordan is a PhD Student at City, University of London and is conducting research within the Centre for Human Computer Interaction Design. He received his Masters (2012) from Carnegie Mellon University, in Entertainment Technology. Before moving to the UK, he worked in Japan and was involved with client projects with NEC and GL Associates in Korea. He was a Visiting Researcher for the ERATO Design UI Project in Tokyo and for Keio University. Since coming to London, he has also worked for several early stage startups, including a collaboration with the Mugaritz restaurant in Spain. His current research focuses on multi-modal communication using gustation, olfaction, mechanoreception, and thermoception and is studying their effects on human emotion and user behaviour.

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