Kristine Pitts

Lead Consultant - Serco ExperienceLab

Need to supercharge your concept design on a budget? – Co-design your concepts with your customers

Asking your customers what they want is notoriously flawed. Conducting research and gathering evidence for what they want is ideal, but time consuming and expensive. You probably have ideas or concepts that you think might work, but which ones do you invest in further without the evidence of what they need from in depth research to help you decide? What if you could get your customers to help you come up with your next design concepts? Not just by asking them to take part in research, but by actually getting them involved directly with your creative design process. Tricky, yes. Impossible, definitely not. Using a case study this talk will explore how you can use co-creation to engage with your customers in a different way.

About the speaker:

Kristine is a Research Lead at ExperienceLab, a Customer Experience Design Consultancy based in London where she crafts and leads on projects focused on designing and transforming services to deliver great customer experiences. Prior to joining ExperienceLab, Kristine was a Research Fellow at City University London and was a lead researcher on various EU funded research projects. She has a background in HCI & UX research, and was one of the first graduates from City’s Masters in Innovation, Creativity and Leadership.

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