Mark Flint

Head of Digital Transformation - Purple

Enabling your disabled market

The government estimates that in the UK alone the disabled consumer market (Purple Pound) is worth £249 billion per year. Why would an organisation miss out on a market this big? How do we enable the vast variety of disabled users to use our products? And how do we involve them in the UX process? There is no average disability to design for so how can our disabled participants help us make our systems as flexible as possible?

About the speaker:

I have worked the past 5 years managing User Experience and User Research projects focused on improving the lives of people with disabilities. I have worked on a variety of projects including largescale EU projects. Throughout my time at RIX as a Digital Researcher and now as Head of Digital Transformation at Purple we have been able to create, consult and research new products to enhance the user experience those with disabilities.

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