Nina Belk

Practice Lead - Modern Human

How to be a bold and provocative designer

If people don’t love or hate your work you just haven’t done all that much.” — Tinker Hatfield, Nike shoe designer.

When you start a new project you probably start with a design brief. You maybe do a bit of background reading to get your head around the problem you’re trying to solve. Perhaps you conduct a survey or some interviews to gather ‘users needs’. If you want to be a bold and provocative designer though you need to start somewhere a lot less rigid and rational than this. You need to challenge how the problem has been framed for you and make it your mission to get some real creative inspiration that takes you beyond satisfying ‘user needs’ into designing products and services people love.

In this session, Nina Belk, Practice Lead at innovation consultancy Modern Human will show you how bold and provocative work is built on immersing yourself in the lives of others; developing the kind of insights about people that’s at the heart of all truly inventive and successful design.

About the speaker:

With over 12 years of industry experience, Nina brings a wealth of knowledge about design research, and has an impressive track record coaching others in the art of getting at the human truths that inspire transformative ideas.

She is fascinated by what makes people tick, and how they think about and use products and services underpinned by technology. Her curiosity has taken her all over the world researching the weird and wonderful. Whether it be medical products in Japan, staff canteens on industrial estates in Newcastle or cruise holidays with New Yorkers, she always uncovers surprising and inspiring insights that unlock business and creative challenges.

Nina has experience across a wide range of industries, including clients like: Sky, B&Q, Honda, easyJet, O2, American Express AstraZeneca and Whirlpool.

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