Rachel Liu

UX Lead - Pearson Education

Cultural nuances and design for the Asian market

As design is becoming more global, understanding cultural needs is becoming more important particularly in China, where culturally it is very different to the Western world. Too often, we make design decisions based on our Western mindset or make assumptions based on stereotypes without real understanding of their needs. This has a significant impact on user experience.

I will share my experience of how to approach designing for cultural needs and how experiencing culture shock in China and 6 months travel in Asia has made me a better designer.

About the speaker:

Rachel is an UX lead at Pearson Education who is passionate in shaping the future of education by designing global learning products and services. She lives by Pearson’s motto of ‘always learning’ where she is a mentor for UXPA and Career Foundry and recently studied master modules on Food Innovation and Designing for Social Innovation.

Previously, she worked in Shanghai at Education First on a digital transformation project defining the service blueprint for the English learning experiences for kids. She enjoys the complexity in designing for different Asian markets and catering for cultural nuances.

She took an unconventional journey to UX with a background of Computer Science with Business and integrated her passionate in design with technology. As a result, she has worked for various industries over the last 9 years delivering digital solutions to market including the Ubuntu OS, Orange apps and Education First’s apps and platform.

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