Raj Arjan

User Experience Researcher - Google

Workshop: Creative skills for Innovation

This workshop will provide participants with an introduction to the design thinking framework and give them confidence to apply the process to solve problems creatively. This is done through learning by designing, and the workshop will help participants:

  • Find out what it takes to go from ill-defined problems to well-designed solutions
  • Use brainstorming methods to generate creative ideas
  • Prototype ideas rapidly
  • Test and validate prototypes with users
  • The workshop is aimed at both designers and researchers and will present tools methods applicable to both disciplines.

About the speaker:

Raj has been working in user research for the past 8 years. Prior to joining Google, Raj worked at City University and also studied there as both an undergrad and postgrad. He currently works in the international user research team at Google and spends his time learning about we can best design for the next billion users, many of whom are coming online for the first time.

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