Ray Clarke

Chief Design Officer - hedgehog lab

Making the Future: Practical business applications for emerging tech

Through a series of case studies and demos this talk will explain how hedgehog lab has evolved from a standard software house to become pioneers in emerging tech. Our team architect, design, develop and market digital solutions for smartphones, tablets, wearables, connected devices, AR, VR, IoT and connected vehicles. Find out how we implement the best practical user experiences for business and their end customers in this ever changing space.

About the speaker:

I originally trained as an industrial designer and having worked in the production of physical and digital products internationally, I bring an experienced real world approach to the digital products we craft here at hedgehog lab.

Leading the design team as Chief Design Officer it’s the human factors of product development that interest me the most. Is it easy to use, does it ‘feel right’ in the users hands, will people want, and continue to use it?

I’ve been actively involved in the design industry for over 20 years, no mean feat for someone who still professes to be in his mid twenties…

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