Tom Haczewski

Founder / Director - The User Story

The shock factor

Integrating UX into a ‘feature factory’ business is tough work, and sometimes all it takes is a bold step in the right direction, followed by several steps backward! A story of a company that shocked itself into UX transformation.

About the speaker:

I started my professional career at Virgin Money as an Ecommerce Marketing Analyst – basically, what we would call a UX designer about 12 years ago – and moved on to agency life about 7 years ago, running a digital team and working with ASDA, HMV, Arco and lots more. I now run The User Story, a UX and usability consultancy in Norwich, helping a range of clients from bit multinational ecommerce sites to fledgling startups. I’m also working on a suite of next-generation tools for UX practitioners including a research manager tool, and a usability research recorder.

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