Abi Roper

Speech and Language Technologist - Centre for HCI Design

Designing for Users with Language Difficulties “Dos and Don’ts”

Drawing on lessons from a series of aphasia research projects which have taken place at City over the last nine years, Abi will explain how you can enhance the language usability and accessibility of your digital content for anyone who might wish to use it. She will also introduce a handy dos and don’ts poster to recap the key lessons. To learn more about INCA, the project which gave rise to this poster, visit https://blogs.city.ac.uk/INCA.

About the speaker:

I’m a researcher and speech and language therapist at City, University of London. My research sits across HCID and health and I have worked on a number of projects looking at the use of technology in speech and language therapy – particularly for people with aphasia after a stroke. Collaboration and user-led research is really important to me and I am proud to work with many like-minded colleagues at City to engage with users with aphasia throughout all aspects of research, design, testing and dissemination.

Designing for Users with Language Difficulties "Dos and Don'ts"