Abolade Akintunde

Senior Product Designer - The Guardian

Doing Nothing! The power of space

My talk will be centred around actively finding moments to do nothing as designer. I will illustrate my point by using the power of space drawing from both negative space and white space in design to challenge listeners to create more time for nothingness so they can become better designers.

About the speaker:

As a senior product designer, I’m very much passionate about finding simple ways to make things work. my emphasis is on the idea that great UX design is when the user is not in a conscious mindset about the experience, instead they’re so embedded in the experience that they are just acting as if it’s natural to their behaviour. I’ve been fortunate to have been in many design environment from publishing and branding to marketing and digital. My career spans 10 years having originally studied engineering product design, I took up a postgraduate diploma in design for visual communications at the London college of communications UAL. I’ve since been conscious about creating design for the right reasons and I am unapologetically dyslexic.