Alex Taylor

Co-Director - HCID (City, University of London)

A Responsbile AI

Set against the unceasing hype and a string of controversies, momentum is growing behind a Responsible AI. In this talk, I’ll trace contemporary research that cuts across this space and detail related work we’ve been involved in at the Centre for HCI Design. My focus will be on those moments often elided in the hype, where human discretion plays a part in the development of AI models and systems. This will reveal how integral people are and will continue to be in both the successes and failures of AI. I’ll use this to inform a wider discussion about what it should look like to approach AI responsibly and what it could be to do better at the intersections of AI and design.

About the speaker:

Alex Taylor co-directs the Centre for Human-Computer Interaction Design at City, University of London. He has been contributing to the areas of Science and Technology Studies and Human-Computer Interaction for over twenty years, and held positions in both academic and industrial research, including the University of Surrey, Goldsmiths, Xerox EuroPARC and Microsoft Research. Showing a broad fasciation for the entanglements between social life and machines, his research ranges from empirical studies of technology in everyday life to ethnographic investigations of computation in the life sciences. Largely, his interests are in how digital technologies are co-constitutive of forms of knowing and being, and, as a consequence, provide a basis for fundamental transformations in society.