Angelika Strohmayer

Researcher - Newcastle University / Swansea University

Designing Technologies for Justice: Lessons from working with Third Sector Organisations

In this talk I discuss the work I have carried out with Third Sector Organisations to design, develop, or appropriate digital technologies into their service delivery. Together, we reflected on their current use of digital technologies as well as the development of novel approaches to integrating exploratory and mundane technologies into existing service delivery. Learning from my collaborators and the communities they support, I will address issues related to justice, particularly when working with stigmatised or criminalised communities. I will discuss some of the lessons I have learned about justice-oriented technologies along the way to provide insights and considerations for researchers and designers wanting to ‘design for good’ with Third Sector Organisations.

About the speaker:

I am an interdisciplinary researcher who works closely with third sector organisations and other stakeholders to creatively integrate digital technologies in service delivery and advocacy work. Alongside this practice-focused research, I also theorise on justice-oriented and feminist HCI, and am becoming more interested in interactive crafts research and STS. My research is inspired by feminist participatory action research, research through design, and creative practice. All of this together means that I aim to work collaboratively on in-the-world projects that engage people at all stages of the research process to engender change towards a more just world.

I am also a founding member of fempower.tech (@fempowertech on Twitter), a feminist tech collective aimed at making HCI a more inclusive, welcoming, and friendly space through public advocacy, subversive activism, and community development.

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