Ann Light

Professor - University of Sussex / Malmo University

Good Media? Innovation for Precarious Times

What justifies the big energy footprint of innovating technology? One answer is media tools that reconnect us to our world and support an active and activist appreciation of it. This talk considers networked technology for what it can offer to a more sustainable culture, drawing out some thoughts on how to “Design for Good” in the next years of the 21st century.

About the speaker:

Ann Light is Professor of Design and Creative Technology, University of Sussex, UK, and Professor of Interaction Design, Social Change and Sustainability, Malmo University, Sweden. She is a qualitative researcher specializing in design for social wellbeing, participatory design and social innovation, with a particular interest in creative practice for transformations to sustainability. She also studies how grassroots organizations use design. She brings professional experience from the commercial interaction design sector and also had a stint as a journalist before becoming an academic. She has worked with arts and neighbourhood organizations and marginalized groups on five continents, in local, transnational and international development settings, and run an international charity devoted to cultural exchange using digital media.

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