Beatrice Vincenzi

PhD - Centre for HCI Design

AI Assistive Technology for Extending Sighted Guiding

Prior work on AI-enabled assistive technology (AT) for people with visual impairments (VI) has treated navigation largely as an independent activity, providing individual users with wayfinding details about the environment, proximity, obstacles, and landmarks. However, independence is also achieved by people with VI through interacting with others, such as through sighted guiding in navigation. Drawing on the interdependence concept, in this talk I present my research aims to (1) present an exemplary case of interdependence and draw out important implications for designing AI-enabled AT; (2) propose and evaluate a prototype that enhances social interactions in sighted guiding and aids navigation.

About the speaker:

Beatrice is a third year PhD student at the Centre for HCI Design, City, University of London. Previously, she earned her MSc in Computer Science from University of Padova, Italy. Her current research project explores AI assistive technology to extend sighted guiding partnership, autonomies and capacities.

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