Belen Barros Pena

Lecturer - HCID (City, University of London)

New Frontiers for UX

It is easy to believe that UX professionals are everywhere these days. After all, who hasn’t heard about the importance of user experience by now? But let me tell you a little secret: there are entire areas of computing where user experience people are nowhere to be seen; and entire design disciplines and methods that are never used by UX professionals. In this talk, I will tell you about the UX black holes, and the final frontiers for our practice.

About the speaker:

Belén has been an interaction designer and design researcher since 2007. She has worked on all kinds of software: from websites and web applications to mobile operating systems and tools for developers. She was awarded her PhD in Human Computer Interaction in 2021, and she is now a lecturer in the Centre for HCI Design at City, University of London. Her research focuses on financial technologies, participatory design methods and groups of people neglected and forgotten by the software industry.

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