Bob Schumacher

Founder - Bold Insight UK

Designing better UX research with AI

With the explosion of generative AI models, many industries are coming face-to-face with how ChatGPT and other large-language models (LLMs) will disrupt their industries and their jobs. UX is no exception. We report on an extensive international testing program exploring where and how LLMs can augment UX research, and where LLMs cannot be trusted. We discuss implications near- and long-term for the role of AI on UX research.

About the speaker:

Bob is an experienced global UX research leader, entrepreneur, and author. He has co-founded UX research companies in the US, UK and China and. He has more than 30 years of professional experience in UX research. He is the co-author of the book AI and UX: Why Artificial Intelligence needs User Experience. He was the editor of The Handbook of Global User Research. He frequently writes and speaks on the latest trends in UX research. He is the Managing Partner of Bold Insight UK.