Clara Mancini

Senior Lecturer - The Open University

Animal-Computer Interaction: what it is and why does it matter

This talk will introduce the emerging field of Animal-Computer Interaction (ACI) and will discuss its relevance in an increasingly technologized world. It will argue how, at a time of unprecedented socio-economic pressures and environmental degradation, ACI has the potential to contribute to animal and human wellbeing, social inclusion, interspecies cooperation and environmental restoration.

About the speaker:

Dr Clara Mancini is a Senior Lecturer in Interaction Design at the School of Computing and Communication of The Open University (OU). She is the founder and head of the OU’s Animal-Computer Interaction Lab, whose mission is advancing the art and science of designing animal-centred interactive systems for a participatory multispecies society. Clara has a background in arts, media, communication and interactive systems, as well as an interest in animal behaviour, welfare and ethics. Over the years, her research has focussed on sensemaking and social aspects of multispecies technology design and evaluation.

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