Daniel Clarke

Senior Experience Designer - ENGINE

Open Banking – Designing the future of finance

Open Banking is fuelling a revolution in how people manage their finances and putting the control back in the hands of individuals as well as opening up the financial services industry to innovation.

In this talk we will look at the broad ranging benefits of Open banking and the role design plays in the future financial customer experience, and breaking down the trust barriers that come from sharing sensitive financial data.

About the speaker:

My career began designing marketing comms for large brands before managing design and creative teams in London and Boston. My desire for creative work to be measurable and backed by data and insights led me to pursue a change in creative direction and to my current work as a user experience designer.

I am currently Senior Experience Designer at ENGINE and part of their Creative and Customer Experience team. Using our Research Lab to gather user and customer insights, we take a User-Centred approach to creating great digital experiences for our clients’ users and customers.

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