Ed Roberts

Partner & Senior UX Strategist - We Are Systematic

Make better bets: evidence-based design

Evidence-based design (EBD) is a tradition of bringing evidence into the heart of the design process to achieve the best possible outcomes. Originally practiced in architecture, EBD is becoming increasingly used in the digital design world as part of the agile tradition of taking a test-and-learn approach. However whereas on the face of it designing with evidence sounds uncontroversial, we know that in real life the difference between practice and theory can be vast (budgets, deadlines, whatever the CEO wants to do…) So how do we adapt EBD for modern design practises and realise the original vision of better and better outcomes? In this talk Ed Roberts, Partner and UX strategist at We Are Systematic will introduce a toolkit for EBD based design and explain why we should test more, but experiment less.

About the speaker:

Ed is a partner and senior UX strategist, researcher and proponent for evidence-based design at We Are Systematic, a digital product design agency based in the UK. He is also the product lead for ProductSweet, an idea management platform for product owners. Before joining WAS Ed spent some years in marketing (for his sins) leading teams and practicing UX, CRO and user research. He’s also been a product owner, business analyst and QA lead, so has seen many sides of the product development lifecycle. He lives in Brighton, UK.