Lizzie Coles-Kemp

Professor - Royal Holloway University of London

Digital Security for All: surveying the landscape and directions for future work

Not-Equal is an EPSRC funded network+ that co-ordinates and encourages research on issues of social justice and fairness in the context of digitalisation and algorithmic fairness. Digital Security for All is one of three work programmes within the network and is co-ordinated by Lizzie Coles-Kemp from the Information Security Group at Royal Holloway University of London. In the first part of this talk, Lizzie will present an overview of the academic work that Not-Equal draws together as part of the Digital Security for All work programme and will reflect on the themes that emerge when diverse security literatures are brought into conversation with each other. In the second part of the talk, she will sketch some potential directions for future work which have been shaped from discussions with Not-Equal’s community partners and as part of Not-Equal’s academic outreach activities.

About the speaker:

Lizzie Coles-Kemp is a Professor of Information Security at Royal Holloway University of London. She is a qualitative researcher who uses creative engagement methods to explore everyday practices of information production, protection, circulation, curation and consumption within and between communities. She took up a full-time academic post in 2008 and prior to joining Royal Holloway University of London she worked for 18 years as an information security practitioner. Lizzie’s focus is the intersection between perceptions and narratives of individual and community security and technological security. Her research specialises in public and community service design and consumption. Lizzie is currently an EPSRC research fellow with a research programme in everyday security and digital service design and co-investigator for Not-Equal – a Network+ funded by EPSRC.

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