Matt Wheeler

Co-Founder & Digital Director - madeby.studio

Is your website accessible? Probably not

We’ve seen a rise of ‘accessibility’ plugins where you can simply click a button and your website is magically accessible. These are the perfect example of accessibility as an afterthought. They may be a quick fix to contrast or text size failures. Ultimately, if a plugin needs to be added to fix these, there’s a good chance your core brand is an accessibility failure. Accessibility should be carefully considered from start to finish and implemented with intention.

Matt will provide insights on how to build accessible website experiences, some of the most common WCAG 2 failures and how to carefully consider and implement accessibility features rather than an afterthought that is shoehorned in.

About the speaker:

Matt is the Co-Founder & Digital Director of madeby.studio, founded in 2019. More recently, he has focused on leading his team to build web experiences for people-centric organisations. He is a formally trained graphic designer and self-taught software developer where he has used his knowledge to lead his team to build effective design systems and development frameworks with careful consideration of accessibility.