Matthew Gibson

Co-Founder and Chief Commercial Officer - Cyber-Duck

Digital for people and planet – an intersectional design approach

Digital’s carbon footprint is now greater than the aviation industry. Consumer demand for energy-hungry video, audio, artificial intelligence, and immersive tech combined with business’ insatiable appetite for user data, have resulted in a digital ecosystem bloated with digital pollution, currently using 7% of the world’s electricity and 13% predicted by 2030. Yet by taking an intersectional design approach, we can deliver brilliant, accessible digital products and minimise their impact on the environment. This talk will examine how an inclusive, UX/UI, content and SEO strategy, combined onto fewer, optimised, better performing platforms and technology can massively reduce digital’s carbon impact. Giving practical tips and best practice examples of how to put it into much needed action.

About the speaker:

Matt Gibson is Co-Founder and Chief Commercial Officer at Cyber-Duck, a user-centred digital transformation agency based out of the UK. With nearly 20 year’s background in Interaction Design, Matt helps oversee all aspects of Cyber-Duck’s production lifecycle including research, design, and delivery of inclusive products and services, for organisations like Sport England, Compare the Market and the Bank of England. As a BIMA Hot 100 top creative in the UK, Matt is a champion for inclusive design, and accessibility best practices – based on his firm belief in the universality of the web and the power inclusive design has in creating better experiences for everyone – levelling up Cyber-Duck’s team and clients’ awareness and knowledge to deliver this. Also speaking at SXSW, UXPA, UX London and published in Smashing Magazine’s popular ‘Responsive Web Design’ book series on the topic.