Sabah Zdanowska

Founder - Venture Consulting

Designing for impact with open data

There is a vast amount of “open data” available for the public interest. However, simply making data freely available is not enough, we need make the data accessible and usable beyond technical experts. This talk outlines that value in open data, how good user research and UX design can lead to creative new ways of utilising it and provives examples that how how data plus great design can really impact people’s lives for the better.

About the speaker:

Sabah is an independent product strategy and user research consultant with over 15 years of experience in the technology industry and with several years of experience working on open data products. Sabah provides organisations with strategic advice and consultancy on how to make data more accessible and usable by non-technical users so that open data can be optimised for the public benefit. She has designed a number tools and applications that harness open data in particularly in finance, anti-corruption and the sustainability space.