Simon Rubens

Director - new experience

Understanding user needs for assisted living technologies

I will describe research we conducted to help shape the development of Hive Link, an IoT service launched at the end of 2018 to support families in enabling their older relatives to live independently for longer. While developing such a service may sound like a clear case of design for good I will highlight the importance of gaining deep user understanding if the intention of doing good is to be translated into reality.

About the speaker:

Simon is founder of new experience, a London-based UX research company that has been at the forefront of supporting the development of innovative, technology-based products and services, since 2003.

In recent years Simon’s research has moved from screen-based services to supporting the development of services based around the Internet of Things, including technologies to support independent living for vulnerable, older people, and technologies to enable consumer take-up of zero-carbon energy services.

Before founding new experience Simon worked for several international companies including Sapient, Saatchi & Saatchi and Siegel & Gale. Alongside working for commercial clients Simon has taught at Coventry, Ravensbourne, and Westminster universities. He has a BSc in Psychology, an MSc in Ergonomics, and is a registered member of the Chartered Institute of Ergonomics & Human Factors, the UPA, ACM, and MRS.

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