Sonali Rai

Media, Culture and Immersive Technologies Team Lead - RNIB

Inclusive Design and why it matters everywhere

An integration of human intervention and carefully crafted technology, including machine learning and computer vision, is enabling increased independence among people with disabilities. The convergence of these elements is pivotal. A realm poised for notable transformation in the upcoming years is the accessibility of video games. Through its Design for Every Gamer Program, RNIB is actively addressing obstacles to video game accessibility for individuals with visual impairments on multiple fronts, encompassing raising awareness about design considerations and fostering user engagement.

About the speaker:

Sonali has worked on the accessibility of media, culture, and immersive technologies since joining RNIB in 2009. She has a Master’s Degree in Media and Communication and her work includes research on how accessible video games are for people with vision impairments, user assessment of immersive environments, synthetic speech for audio description and exploring benefits of personalisation of access services in the broadcast environment.