Stephann Makri

Senior Lecturer - City, University of London

The paradox of ‘designing’ serendipity

Designing to create opportunities for serendipity can surprise and delight users, propelling them in new and exciting interaction directions they might not otherwise have travelled. However, the notion of ‘designing’ serendipity is a paradox – systematising it into an algorithm may destroy it; making the unexpected more expectable and making users immune to the ‘happy’ value of the accident. In this interactive talk, Stephann will present results from his research on serendipity, critique examples of existing digital tools that aim to facilitate it and ask your for your ideas on how we can best design to facilitate serendipity in interactive systems.

About the speaker:

Stephann is a Senior Lecturer in Human-Computer Interaction at City, University of London and self-proclaimed ‘prince of serendip.’ His research focuses on how people interact with digital information and, in particular, on how people encounter information serendipitously and how we can design technology to better support this. His work has featured widely in the media, including in the Sunday Times, BBC and ABC Radio and Readers Digest. For more information visit www.stephann.com

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