Stephen Wood

Head of Design for Innovation - Virtusa X Labs

Designing to promote Emerging Market Digital Transformation

The digital transformation of the financial services sector has disproportionately benefited top tier banks and the top tiers of the socio-economic pyramid. However, by leveraging new technologies we can make it easier and more commercially viable for banks to convert the unbanked, providing them with financial security, easier access to finance and as a consequence, increasing the stability of some of the world’s most economically volatile regions. Developing a marketplace that helps traditional late adopters of tech evaluate and adopt leading edge technology has raised a number of challenges across conceptual, functional and cultural areas. In this session we will discuss how we approached defining and designing a fintech marketplace for the ASEAN region, which will accelerate the pace of tech enabled innovation within the FS sector and ultimately drive financial inclusion: Changing banks and Transforming lives.

About the speaker:

Stephen Wood leads Virtusa xLabs’ Design for Innovation team, which helps companies to identify how emerging tech will reshape their industry and redefine their niche. Stephen has worked at the intersection of tech-enabled innovation and human-centred design for over 20 years for management consultancies and software companies.

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